Step Towards new Relationship

We belong to the society where people think that some relationship is just formality. I always heard about bittersweet relationship between mother in law and daughter in law. If the girl is not adjusting with her husband then her mother in law is responsible. Various jokes have made but no one ever talks about the sweeter side of this relationship.

Advertising industry has come up with the two ads which show the other side of this relationship. First ad is my favorite one:


“Badhti Dosti” campaign launched by Mondelez India Food has come up with the concept to spread awareness. The ads of Cadbury dairy milk was always around happiness and bonds. This TVC features the lady standing in the balcony and watching some celebration and her mother in law come which makes her little uncomfortable. The lady gives her mother in law a piece of dairy milk and in the next scene they are dancing in the celebration. “Kuch mitha ho jaye badhti dosti ke naam” is the voiceover in this ad. They are actually trying to build new and friendly bond between mother in law and daughter in law.

The other one is Zigy’s first ad campaign

11.PNG is the online portal for the various kinds of medications. This ad features the working girl who sends medicines to her mother in law through Zigy. This is showing strong bonding between mother in law and daughter in law after being divorced from her son. This ad has very nice concept and story to convey to people.

The portrayal of both the ads is different and unique. Dairy milk is already a very successful brand which only trying to stabilize its position in the market but somewhere I feel that Zigy ad is ambiguous as it is not clear about its message. If I left the marketing part of ads the concept of ads can bring change and also force people to think about it.

Nowadays advertising is the way from which you can take steps to bring change in society and also change orthodox thinking of people.


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