That day I was quiet, don’t want to speak but other people are speaking. Is this a silence for me? But sometimes I speak a lot but inside my heart I feel something missing. What’s that? What thing is missing? In my opinion “Silence” is a feeling that makes you realize your own importance in this world. This is a very big word if you understand otherwise for some people it’s a situation when two people are not talking to each other.


I made this sketch and name it “Silence”. The girl is quiet and alone in her life who peeping out from the door. She is beautiful and her eyes are full of dreams. But somewhere I feel she is pulling back herself from fulfilling her dreams, something is stopping her. This unfulfilled aspiration is creating silence and making her weak. While making this sketch I was feeling that this silence of life, fulfilling someone’s wishes which satisfying her.

The lines that describe this sketch which were quoted by Natasha Preston, Author of Silence.

“Silence consumed my whole life; it suppressed things I could never express. My silence was responsible for my family’s happiness. Silence was my prison.”


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