Looking back…


I came late to office, but surprisingly my boss was absent and I have not many task to accomplish for the day. I started my laptop and signed in, then went to cafeteria for tea. Even cafeteria was not crowded today, so I found one corner cozy chair, near glasses so that I can feel the clement weather. I was staring at the glasses of the building and noticing the raindrops falling and slowing mix with other droplets or disappeared.

This gave me very enlightening thought about memories. I found myself going deep into my thoughts. I found moist in my eyes, I felt that something left in that period and never going to come back. I am changed, my style of thinking has changed but the things that never going to change is your behavior towards myself. I noticed whenever I recalled my days in college, I remember more bad memories, the unanswered questions from the people, the people from whom I stopped talking and the fights with the people I used to adore and love. Even today I felt there is something I had done wrong, that’s why those bad incident happened to me. I thought of messaging those people for whom I am just a known person now. It was difficult time. Is it? Or I made those days difficult.  Every bad memory come with the word “If I could”. I remember when my close friend was telling me to forget and move on. I was recalling her words saying, “You are not wrong, why are you feeling bad.” I always told her “Kassh! I can go to that time again.”  But this is the harsh truth and this not Doremon where anyone can travel the time they want. This is real world and most of the time we humans wish for the good when that time is already gone.

Phone rings, I picked up my call and answer “Yes, Ma’am”. Again my memories fades away like droplets on the window and made me aware of the change. I realized the one big difference, whether your boss is in office or not, you can get work from anywhere. I looked back at the droplets while leaving cafeteria, smiled and closed my eyes for a sec and told myself “I am here, because I faced bad times before.” I left cafeteria in a hurry and faced a very informative brainstorming session for the next campaign.

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”



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