Uncovering the true colors


She woke up and went in front of the mirror. She saw her again. Those swollen eyes full of sadness, melancholy, and disappointments of the past.  Everything was in front of her eyes like a black and white sad film, tears rolled out, touched her dry lips and then she heard some voice. 

‘That laugh’ she recognised that voice. She found no one in the room. She again looked at her, stared into her eyes. She saw a girl who is full of life without any worries and troubles. She noticed her positivity towards every situation, her stillness in life. She gazed at her as if she saw a fairy or a princess who was a cure to everything and trying to explain something desperately. She tried to listen with her all attention.

Her voice shows her confidence, the hope which she was expecting from others. 

“You find your happiness in others and ask them to fill colors in your black and white canvas. You’re afraid to take decisions, making distance from the mistakes. I know making mistakes is not big achievement but this makes sure that you are trying things. It doesn’t matter if you do so many mistake because it leads to one strong person, one cluttered mind brings out amazing ideas, one life teaches so many lessons and one black and white memory consist of so many colors. Colors of laughter, fights, sadness, breakup, relationships and every Color is important to make one unforgettable life, the fully lived life”. She felt her voice is getting louder with trust of winning all the fights against all odds. Her words were continuously telling her to let go off her past and fill colors  to  her life in her own way. 

She gazed at her again and they both smiled at each other, she saw her soul winning all the debates of so many ‘why’s’. She saw her and said ” Yes! It’s time to stop playing hide and seek with my own soul. She knows everything.” She could clearly notice the difference in her eyes. After a long time, she seems ready to color her canvas. She has decided to fill her choice of colors whether it is black or white.

“Doesn’t matter what Color you prefer in  life, what matter is your attempt of filling true colors.”


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