Only Time is changing…



What a start of New Year 2017!

I woke up with a lot of enthusiasm of following my all resolutions of New Year. As I was alone at home, I couldn’t expect bed tea. I made tea in a half sleep and started looking at my phone and the first thing that came was TOI notification of Bengaluru molestation. I have read many articles about New Year plans, holidays and resolutions. The news that shocked me was about “Bengaluru mass molestation”. I was so upset that I just left my phone and called one of my friends who shifted to Bengaluru recently. I was telling her that Mumbai is safe for girls then she told me her experience in Mumbai.

She told me that she usually takes a share auto to the office that is the fastest transport for 2-3 km distance in Mumbai. One day she was already late for office so she took an auto where one guy and a girl sat with her in that auto. She was sitting near to that guy. As she was late so she didn’t ask to change the seats from that guy. After a few minutes, she felt as if that guy was touching her thighs. For once she thought it was just bad negative instinct, but again, she felt the same thing. She didn’t speak anything and glowered at him suspiciously. Whenever she saw he changed his hand place and she shifted his hand to up. She was relaxed and thought he understood. She started looking outside the auto and then she felt some unusual and unsafe touch as if he was trying to press her busts. She wanted to scream and slap on his face. But she didn’t. It was just 10 minutes far distant. The other lady got down and gave me some relaxation since he would sit away from her. But someone said that honey is not made for the ass’s mouth. He again slowly shifts his hand towards her and touched her. She shouted at him. She got down from that auto and went inside her office with all speed. She was just telling herself to control her emotion, her fear and that unusual sense of touch. She reached her floor and broke down into tears. She was shivering badly. She told her boss the story. Her boss told her why you didn’t expose him then and there. Why didn’t you speak at that time?


Even I raised the same question then she explained that just imagine if she exposed him or slap him in front of the public for what he did. It can hurt his ego and what if he throw acid or do something very severe with her? I don’t know what thrill he got that time for doing this but she chose to ignore the worse situation.

After listening to this, one thing came to my mind that safety is nowhere related to cities. It’s depended on the upbringing of a guy, his mentality towards girls and maybe he has nobody to stop his filthy behavior. The Bengaluru case is on a mass scale that’s why this showed on large scale. But there are so many girls who face cheap comments, sexual abuse in a daily life. It doesn’t matter what they wear, how they behave or how they look.

Somewhere in my mind one thing that is continuously going that we are just changing years to years but the situation against Women safety is still the same.


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